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Monday September 22nd 2014
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Archive for July, 2009

Reflections on 315

As drivers on SR315 know only too well, the construction project is in full force.  I drive south on SR315 every morning, and I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in traffic flow.  Lots of us speed up to pass slow-moving cars prior between say, Bethel Road and North Broadway…and then we quickly slow down so as not to get a hefty speeding [...]

#Connector Invite from the “Godfathers of Columbus Social Media Experts.”

The "Godfathers of Columbus Social Media Experts" Alvin "Wyliemac" Borromeo & Rocky "RocksOn" VanBrimmer invite you to the #1 Premier Live Interent Radio Podact "Connector." We promise to deliver another fun filled information packed show about business, networking, tech, events, community service, and social media in this great area we live [...]

The commuter’s toolbox

Does your career have you on the road more often? Here are some things that can help. Many have recently found themselves needing to go the extra mile in their careers. For some people that’s been literally true, as they’ve taken jobs that are farther from home. The good news is, with the right approach and a few tools, a long commute is [...]

Checking out “Linkbee” for Short URL & Revenue.

** Notice links in this post go to Linkbee which is a  pay per click (PPC) program. ** Not being one that signs up for everything that promises that you will"get rich quick,"  Linkbee has me kind of intrigued. Before going through and replacing every link I send out, I want to do an in-depth honest evaluation of this program.   Linkbee [...]

Help Support the MJB Foundation.

Help Support the MJB Foundation.

As most of you know, CO Net has been looking for a children's charity to help support. I am happy to announce, we have found one, The Meghan Joy Brochowski Foundation.  I first heard of the MJB Foundation a few weeks ago after the "Connector's" 1st podcast, Meghan Joy's mother Annette won our give away, tickets to COSI. After contacting [...]

The 46 Million Dollar Question

“early 46 million Americans are currently without health insurance, and this number is projected to rise substantially.” --- The Economic Case for Health Care Reform, (June 2009) So where does that number come from? It’s most often credited to the US Census Bureau’s “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in [...]