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Friday September 19th 2014



Archive for May, 2009

Twitter. What is it Good for?

Popular mythology proclaims that when the early scientists were huddled together trying to build the first laser, they didn’t have a particular reason or use in mind for it; they just thought it’d be really cool. They weren’t thinking about the potential their device held for making laser printers, laser pointers, laser discs, CD’s, [...]

Interesting use of The Ladders

Today, I read a thread in one of my LinkedIn Groups. A person asked what others thought of The Ladders. For the most part the response was negative towards The Ladders. I for one cannot provide an opinion, because I haven't used it, nor have I ever used a for pay Internet job board. The interesting thing that the poster said was this: The [...]

CONET Bikecast about the power of twitter

There's a lot of newbies on Twitter these days. Which is good. I guess. Just don't spam us, and we'll get along just fine. I've had some moderate success on Twitter, so I thought I'd share with you how Twitter helped in getting WordCamp Columbus from tweet to reality. Nothing earthshattering here folks. Just tweet it, and let the chips fall [...]

Whoa, did CO Net get new bloggers?

Whoa, did CO Net get new bloggers?

It is an exciting time at CO Net, not only are we getting back on track, we have some great new talent to share. Maybe you have already seen some of our new bloggers posting, and wondered "who is that?" If you have, here is your chance to get to know them!  Trisha R. Jackson Born and raised in Medina, Ohio, Trisha has lived in Central Ohio [...]

Memorial Day – Remembering a True American Hero!

Memorial Day – Remembering a True American Hero!

In Honor of Marine PFC Christian D. Gurtner, 19 years old. Died April 2, 2003. First Ohio Causality in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Christian left behind a baby daughter, a mother, father, grandmother, sister's, countless aunt's, uncle's, cousin's & friend's. You are dearly loved and terribly missed!  

Silicon Valley is a Stretch, But Fiber is Key

Delaware County is considering a major investment in fiber technologies. A report in The Delaware Gazette touts the project as making Delaware County the Silicon Valley of Ohio (; while I think that's a stretch, we cannot overlook the tremendous value of fiber. Fiber optic networking has [...]

“I Could Have Been a Contender.” The Downside of Facebook

I had the opportunity to attend a recent gathering of Columbus’ young professionals for a symposium of sorts on social media. While waiting for the presentation, I met a lady who, among her many duties, was a hiring manager. During the course of the conservation our focus turned to how social media has quickly invaded many unforeseen aspects of [...]

So Are You An Expert?

I am not the first blogger to broach this topic. There are a ton of people out there portraying themselves as "social media experts."  It is easy for us to assume that these "experts" must know something we don't.  After all, if you feel like a novice, you're in the same boat as about 85% of the people I've talked with.  I came to the startling [...]

Forgive me, but I must be technical

Microsoft, this last Wednesday, revealed a new service called System Center Online Desktop Manager (SCODM). In case you don't know, they have provided a product for years that provides the same functionality, but must be installed within a company's network. SCODM is provided as an online service and it allows companies to centrally manage the [...]