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Monday September 22nd 2014



Archive for March, 2009


As some of you have noticed, its been a few months since I posted on my blog and have been seen in public. I think I could write a book on how to blow the capital one builds in establishing a social media presence, however thats what I did. As some of you know, back in October 2008 I had some major medical problems and fell off the face of the [...]

We Have Two New Spaces For Co-Working In Columbus

Right this minute I am at one of the new CoWorking sites in Columbus. It's called Qwirk and it's located at 595 1/2 South Third Street in German Village. The space is just above G Micheal's restaurant. Qwirk is hosting today's Jelly Columbus. Co-Work space is for people who either work from home, and need to get out sometimes and work around [...]