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Tuesday September 16th 2014



Archive for November, 2008

Columbus Tweetup: “Twinter De-Brief” Thinking Outside Your Boxers!

Columbus Tweetup: “Twinter De-Brief” Thinking Outside Your Boxers!

-Win!-   Just in time to decompress from the holidays, and right in time to help! Join us at Beulah Park and support the Human Ecology House – a shelter for abused, homeless and battered tweens and teens, some of whom have children of their own. Share the warmth of your heart this holiday season. Be Brief and think outside your boxers! [...]

Tweetup Tour of Ohio Stadium: A Rhyme

Tweetup Tour of Ohio Stadium: A Rhyme

On a blustery cold day on Woody Hayes Drive, people from central Ohio all seemed to arrive. They signed up for a Central Ohio Network Tweetup event and they all asked me where the heat went? Twitterites, networkers, bloggers and more, arrived at the shoe on this frigid morn. @Rockson greeting each twitter and guest, they signed up to tour [...]

Where Are You Watching THE GAME?

With the economy the way it is, some sports fans may stay at home on Saturdays instead of venturing out to a bar or restaurant to watch games. But this Saturday coming up isn’t just any Saturday. This Saturday is the Saturday of the Michigan game. And whether you are a Tressel “anything can happen during an Ohio State vs. Michigan game” [...]

Work is what you do with your living

Jenny McCutcheon's recent post titled Finding Balance got me thinking about my own life and balance (or lack thereof). I titled this post "Work is what you do with your living" from a quote I heard somewhere along the way in my life. Up until a little while ago, I always equated "work" in this statement with "your job". This made perfect sense [...]

Introducing the CO Net Job Blog.

Job seekers and recruiters are two important groups of members here on The Central Ohio Network. The recrutiers help attract great talent to our area, and keep other talent from leaving. This helps creat a great place for job seekers to live, work, and play.  They keep our economy boosted, our homes lived in, and money flowing through the [...]

Special Announcement For All Central Ohio Creative People

Special Announcement For All Central Ohio Creative People

Community Research Partners Just launched a new survey today that you will no doubt be interested in. It is a survey to measure the Creative Economy in Central Ohio. Now this is truly an interesting project. Columbus is full of creative people. The obvious candidates for this survey are artists and musicians, but if you are a graphic designer, a [...]

For Vets about to Rock – We Salute You!

For Vets about to Rock – We Salute You!

On Friday, November 7, Columbus hosted the 2008 'Salute to Veterans'.  As I walked up Broad Street to the parade, four fighter jets flew overhead, their presence was overwhelming and I burst into tears. As a non-veteran, I can never truly comprehend the high price paid by the past, present and future military troops who serve our country.  In [...]

Finding Balance

For those of you that know me, you may remember that I've spent the past couple months searching for a job in the eMarketing field. I'm happy to report that I've accepted a Web Manager position with the Yarnmarket, LLC where I'll be planning, designing, and implementing new Web projects, while maintaining their existing Websites. My new job [...]

NBC4 Needs Your Help Assisting Central Ohioans

Ryan Squire of our local NBC affiliate at channel 4 sent a series of messages on Twitter today talking about the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. The numbers of people who are served by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank are staggering. Some of the information Ryan Squire shared on Twitter: The Mid-Ohio Food Bank has had a 14% increase in demand from local pantries [...]

Advice For Job and Opportunity Seekers

Dusting Is The First Step. I can tell that my network of friends and business associates are experiencing the economic downturn first hand. When the economy gets bad, people lose jobs and start networking for new jobs.  If you're in the job market, considering a career change, or think your job may be in jeopardy in the near future, there are [...]