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Saturday September 20th 2014



Archive for September, 2008

The journey into social media begins with one click…and then another…

As a supplement to a presentation on social media marketing I gave with a colleague at the Ohio ACTE Conference in Columbus on August 7, 2008, comes The Get Social Project: The List of 15. The purpose of the list was to introduce people to and allow them to explore social media tools on their own time and at their own pace. It was my thought [...]

Social Networking – What is it to you?

Social Networking - One of the hottest buzz words out there. What does it really mean? And what does it mean to you? Networking has been around. . . well, forever. What makes social networking different? Couldn't one argue that social networking is networking? Or is networking the word for business networking and social networking the word for [...]

A Top Tenish List of Observatiosn about the power outage.

My "Top Tenish" observations from having no power for 3 days in Central Ohio. I like my food & showers hot and my drinks cold, not the other way around. The store had thousands of AA batteries left. I own no flashlight or radio that takes AA batteries. Foraging for firewood SUX! Jason Mays likes the word "forage," it has a [...]

Does Columbus Need Another Social Network

That's what Jason Blanton asked on Majelly, a social network for the Columbus social networker. Here's what he said in a recent forum post: The reason we started Majelly was not to clutter your life with another social network and cause more chaos. Rather, Majelly is a place to help organize all the social networking events and groups in Columbus [...]

Its Time for A CBus Tweetup!

Its Time for A CBus Tweetup!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, get your calendars ready for the next installment of the "CBUS TWEETUP" with a twist, presented by Lifestyle Communites and our Twitter friend @duckygator! When? Septemeber 30, 2008 4:45 pm to 7:30ish pm. Where? The Goat, 6400 Preserve Crossing Blvd South Columbus, Ohio 43230 What? Pulled Pork, Chicken, [...]

Newest CONet Recruit

Newest CONet Recruit

We are thrilled to welcome a new friend to the fold here at CONet.  Please give a warm welcome to our newest blogger, who is a master at making friends where ever she goes. Rachel Phillips   Rachel is the Business Development Manager for the Search Engine Guide,, and builds valuable relationships as well as [...]

Using Networks to Coordinate Hurricane Information

Prior to Hurricane Gustav making landfall I learned through Twitter that several people on line were creating a wiki to provide a single information source to people who were in the path of the hurricane. Andy Carvin,  (@acarvin on twitter) of NPR in Washington DC, pulled together several people from twitter to create the wiki page and a [...]

Taking the job hunt social

Today's Help a Reporter Out email blast from Peter Shankman, an enthusiastic evangelist of all things marketing, PR and social media, featured an endorsement for Jeremy Lurie.  Who is Jeremy Lurie?  Well, that doesn't really matter (I'll let you explore his unique blog).  What matters is a trend I have noticed and thought I would share for [...]