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Wednesday September 17th 2014



Archive for August, 2008

Are You Itching for the Next Tweetup?

Are You Itching for the Next Tweetup?

What started as a debate between Twitter friends about the best BBQ in Columbus has grown into a who's who of Columbus for the technologically inclined. I don't know about you, but I really look forward to seeing everyone face-to-face and building relationships offline with the people I've come to truly care about online. It is difficult to talk [...]

Welcome CONET New GM & Blogger

Welcome CONET New GM & Blogger

Exciting things are happening here at CONET and we are growing leaps and bounds. With that said, I am extremely pleased to announce that CONET has hired its first General Manager, Cara Keithley. Cara's role will include site administrator, graphics maven, whip cracker, and occasional blogger. She is a Central Ohio native, currently living in [...]

Creating the CO Net Conversation

It is a pleasure to join The Central Ohio Network as a blog contributor!  I appreciate Rocky Van Brimmer asking me to blog and add to the on-going conversation all about Columbus and Central Ohio.  I have been stuck on what direction or what voice my blog should be about.  My personal blog, Social Avenue, is a place where I rant about [...]

‘”Slice of Columbus” Serves Up Pizza for Benefit

‘”Slice of Columbus” Serves Up Pizza for Benefit

Its that time again, for the 19th year in a row Ezzo Italian Meat is back for the largest Columbus Pizza event. Wednesday, September 10th from 5 - 10 p.m. at Lifsytle Communites Pavilion, twenty area pizza shops will dish up the most savory pies and be judged by a panel of local celebrites and chefs in the battel to be named "Best of Columbus" [...]

Bloggers, Mark Your Calendar For October 15!

This message is for all you bloggers out there! October 15th is Blog Action Day! This is one day each year dedicated to blogging about a single global issue from the individuals perspective. This year, the issue is poverty. You can go to the Blog Action Day web site to learn more about this project and sign up to participate. I would also like [...]

“How Now Brown Cow” he Utterz.

Recently I have had a bunch of people start following me on Utterz, a social media app that alows you to text, call, or video record your thoughts and share them with the world. I am not sure how much of important role utterz will play in my real estate business, or if I will even get past a day of using it.  The one thing I do know, I have [...]

Event Planners, Create a Place to Engage Your Attendees

Planning Startup Weekend Columbus has given me a greater appreciation for event planners and what they do. But, we did something that I haven't seen many events do, and that was to create a private wiki for registered attendees to contribute ideas, comments and suggestions. A wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who [...]

Be On The Lookout For These CONET Bloggers!

Be On The Lookout For These CONET Bloggers!

After weeks of begging, prodding, and pleading I am happier then a pig in mud to announce our new blogger additions to CONET.  Denise Baker Denise is a PR professional in Columbus with Clary Communications and graduate of THE Ohio State University. Denise will be blogging on the Central Ohio networking scene and helping plan some of CONET's [...]

Dude! Where’s My T-Shirt?

All most any event that you sign up to attend is giving away T shirts. Recently I attended PodCamp Ohio and Columbus Startup Weekend and yes, T-shirts were part of the free stuff handed out to participants.  Event T-shirts make great conversation starters. People see what you are wearing and ask about it. I have a few favorite shirts from [...]

Volunteer Opportunities at Preservation Parks

The following information is provided by Connections Volunteer Center. Perseid Meteor Campout August 9 –10 at Gallant Woods Preserve. Campout begins Saturday August 9, at 7:00 p.m. and ends the next morning at 9:00 a.m.  Volunteers wanted to sell snacks, oversee the campfire, and assist park staff. [...]