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Sunday September 21st 2014



Archive for June, 2008

Its Enough to Make Your Head Hurt!

Repost of a post I wrote on Active Rain  March 30, 2008 The day was August 28 of 2007 @ 3:30pm a great day and I felt MARVOULOUS! A day that would change the way I use the internet FOREVER! It was just a little over 4 months since I allowed my real estate license to be revoked by not renewing it (a blog post for another time). I had not [...]

Startup Drinks and IT Martini

Startup Drinks and IT Martini

Just a quick reminder that Startup Drinks is tonight at the Surly Girl Saloon. Come enjoy a few hours with Startup enthusiasts. Share stories and exchange names. Also, tomorrow is the inaugural IT Martini, a happy hour for the Columbus IT community. Clear your calendar after work on Thursday, June 26th, to attend the first ever IT Martini [...]

It Is Nice To Have Friends!

Our title says it all!  Thanks to all of our fine members who have made The Central Ohio Network a part of their daily online experience, we are able to move in to our next phase! The experiment that WAS IS!  With the help of our fantastic members and our awesome sponsors (And very good friends) [...]

Project Mentor rocks – and so can you

Project Mentor rocks – and so can you

When you were younger, did you have a mentor - an adult who was a positive role model in your life, education or career? Do you have a desire now to give back? Central Ohio has a unique mentoring program for Columbus City Schools kids through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Project Mentor matches adult mentors with students for one hour of support [...]

Startup Weekend Columbus

Title: Startup Weekend ColumbusLocation: www.techcolumbus.orgDescription: This event is for anyone interested in building a company from the ground up in less then a weekend. www.startupweekend.comStart Date: 2008-07-18Start Time: 6:pm End Date: 2008-07-20

Pod Camp Ohio

Title: Pod Camp OhioLocation: ITT Tech, Hilliard OhioDescription: PodCamp Ohio is the media community UnConference that helps connect people interested in blogging, social networks, podcasting and new media to learn, share, and grow their new media skills. Whether you’re just interested in new media or an experienced veteran, PodCamp Ohio is for [...]

We are updating

The Central Ohio Network is upgrading and will be back shortly!

If you are not participating in Startup Weekend Columbus …

Then all I have to say is that you are missing out on a unique networking opportunity. Well, okay, I have more to say. In truth, Startup Weekend Columbus is NOT a networking event. If all you're going to do is come and hand out your business card, well then Startup Weekend Columbus is not for you. Because Startup Weekend is about CREATING [...]

The growing Columbus Twitterer presence

Rocky wrote about Twitter. He even mentioned a few Central Ohio folks that are on Twitter. But he only skimmed the surface of those in Columbus that Twitter. Want to see some Columbus folks interact on Twitter? Checkout this Columbus Twitterers page. It was set up by Zappos (back story on my blog The site also tracks public mentions [...]

We are sportin a new logo!

We are sportin a new logo!

The Central Ohio Network is now sporting professional logo. Many thanks to Cindy Smith of Quickdraw Designs for this fantastic design. Now you can tell that it IS a buckeye in the middle!

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