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Wednesday October 1st 2014



Archive for May, 2008

The Podcasters Are Coming!

The Podcasters Are Coming!

Calling all Podcasters, Bloggers, Vloggers, Twitterites, Facebook Junkies, and anyone else hooked on social media, listen up! Ohio Podcamp is just weeks away! PodCamp Ohio PodCamp Ohio will be held at the ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard, Ohio on June 28, 2008 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.. So what exactly is Podcamp Ohio? According to Angelo [...]

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Welcome to Friday and the start of the Memorial Day weekend.  While this is a nice long weekend, I ask you to take time this weekend to fly the American Flag in memory of those who gave their lives in defense of this great country. Also, find a local ceremony that honors those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.   I know that I [...]

How I “Linkedin” To Do Business!

I LOVE LINKEDIN! This website has done nothing but supercharged my online branding and marketing efforts. I have made over 2200 connections in the business world (with over 800 here in Central Ohio), which is leading to a great networking base for me to build sales on. It is like having a free 100 foot by 100 foot billboard smack dab on I 70,  I [...]

Are you connecting on Twitter?

Are you connecting on Twitter?

Twitter Twitter is this wonderful free online service that allows you to tell the world what you are doing in 140 characters or less. Twitter has also been a great tool in helping connect with fellow Central Ohioans like @wyliemac, @ryaninmtv, and @jason_wcmh (You have to follow Jason each night as he completes the "beat calls," truly is "Must [...]

Welcome Bill Balderaz New Author at The Central Ohio Network!

Welcome Bill Balderaz New Author at The Central Ohio Network!

Bill Balderaz I am excited to announce that Bill Balderaz of Webbed Marketing has agreed to become a regular author of The Central Ohio Network! Bill Balderaz, President of Webbed Marketing has helped leading organizations, including Cardinal Health, Dominion Homes, Netsmart Technologies and Bostech Corporation grow their Internet presence, [...]

Ohio Web Marketing Group to Host Internet Conference

Press Release: Columbus seminar to focus on tools and tactics to drive web site traffic, sales, leads and brand awareness   Columbus, OH May 12, 2008 – Leading online marketing experts will be gathering in Columbus on May 19th for an intense day of sessions, training and education, as the Ohio Web Leaders (OWL) hosts “Building a Roadmap for [...]

The Internets Have Been Very Very Good To Me

I'll be the first to admit that I cannot work a room. Slap me in the middle of a room filled with people that I've never met, and I'll find the closest wall to hold up. But the internet and social media has opened a whole new world of networking for me. One that I'm much more comfortable with and that translates to better "networking" in the [...]

Get Linkedin To Groups!

In case you have not noticed, I LOVE LINKEDIN! Have you perused a person’s profile and noticed they have all these nifty badges like, Forbes Life, Wright Hand Power Forum, and The Central Ohio Network to name a few? Then you wonder, “How do I become a member and what is the benefit?” If you have asked either of those questions, then this [...]

We have Authors!

I am excited to announce (actually, repeat in one case) that Don Ryan and Alvin  Borromeo  have both agreed to help contribue content to The Central Ohio Network. Both are very active Central Ohio Bloggers and a welcome edition to this highly trained (cough) highly paid (cough cough) staff of great people. I look forward to great witty post [...]

StartUp Weekend. Have You Heard About It?

Hello everyone.  I'm Don Ryan and Rocky has graciously asked me to be a contributing author to this blog.  First, a little about me.  I'm a lifelong Central Ohio resident (Mount Vernon) and a huge proponent of doing business in the greater Columbus area.  I tell folks I meet in my travels that we are the best kept secret in the country.  I'd [...]

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