"The Now Revolution": My Blogging Insecurities + Assignment 1

Well hello, CO Net!  I’m thrilled to be here, leading our discussion series on “The Now Revolution” by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund.  I’m hopeful that we can have some robust discussion and really challenge ourselves with actionable, measurable steps to grow our businesses.

But first, a confession.

I don’t blog very well. At all.

Sure, I do manage my own blog (and I use the term “blog” quite loosely).  But, when measured up against other Columbus blogging heavy-hitters, I fall pretty short.  I don’t post very consistently.  I never spell check.  I rarely promote my posts.  And my opinions are entirely too polarizing.  Which is why I thought Rocky had enjoyed one too many adult beverages when he asked me to lead this effort.

As a writer, I tend to have diarrhea of the mouth (fingers?) and just let my thoughts flow.  Which will occasionally make me seem unpolished, overly candid or any other series of not-so-flattering adjectives.  But, I think that also makes me seem more interesting.

So.  As long as you’re cool with that, I think we’ll have a fantastic discussion!  I like to ask a lot of direct, difficult questions.  I like to intentionally play devil’s advocate.  I think we all owe that to ourselves in order to walk away stronger professionals, armed with a sharper business sense and approach to marketing and social strategy.

That said, and without further ado…


Week 1 Assignment:

  • Read Intro + Shift 1, “Engineer a New Bedrock”
  • Follow me on Twitter and/or LinkedIn to see when my evaluation and discussion questions have been posted… and then PARTICIPATE in the conversation :)


Happy reading, folks!


5 responses to “"The Now Revolution": My Blogging Insecurities + Assignment 1

  1. Fortunately I have been sober since 2002 and was in control of all of my faculties when I tapped you for this endeavor!

    Again, I am THRILLED that you agreed to lead this discussion.

    Event with your self proclaimed “diarrhea of the mouth (fingers?)” I have no doubt that you will do fine.

    Looking forward to a great discussion!!!

  2. I missed the Ohio Growth Summit because I was out of town. So glad Rocky asked you to do this Carolyn, it will be great!

  3. Welcome to The Central Ohio Network, I look forward to your posts.

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  5. As Steve Jobs would always say ‘It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.’

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