Thursday Twit Tip: Listen To & Reward Your Fans!

Hey, did YOU HEAR that?!?!?!

Twitter Tip

Go ahead, I'm listening!

One of the biggest turn off’s on Twitter is companies that “MONOLOGUE” vs. “DIALOG!” You know broadcast!

So here is a simple solution to find out who in your fan base is listening and reward them for that!

Ready, wait for it… ASK your fans what their favorite product or service is that you supply.  After they clue you in, tweet out a special offer for that product/service that rewards your fans for RE TWEETING it.  That shows your current fans 1. That you listen. 2. You value their feedback. 3. Ask them to help you find new customer/clients.

A simple small question can go a long, long way!

Go ahead, try it. Let me know your results in the comment section below!

Best of Luck! I am off to the Skyline Chili Connoisseur Club!

This thought came from talking about the 2010 Ohio Growth Summit with Lori Crock (@WrittentImpact) and thinking of Carrie Wilkerson (@Barefoot_exec) and her presentation on “Building Your Stadium.

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