Pen Pal Program

 Pen Pal Program

Adult 55+/5th& 4th Grade Students

 This program has been proven to be very instrumental in improving students’ academic progress.  It encourages the student to read the book for discussion, gives them someone to exchange thoughts and ideas with someone of a different generation, and gives them practice and experience in writing and reading letters (some in cursive).

 This year we need over 125 pen pals for 5th/4th grade students from Delaware County and Licking County schools.  Please take time from your busy schedule to participate in this very valuable program.  It won’t take too much time, and the service you will provide to the education of a child will be invaluable.

  • Pen Pals will read the same book (Students will choose a book based on their interest and reading level.  Once the book has been chosen, and pen pals assigned, the adult will read the same book as their pen pal. Students will write the first letter introducing self and why they chose the book.
  • The adult will write back introducing self and then talk about what they have in common with the student, the book up to where the student has read, or what they are looking forward to learning about the subject matter.
  • As the student reads the book, he/she will send a weekly letter discussing the    book, how it applies to them, and what they think might happen next.
  • The adult will encourage the student, discuss the book, and may talk about how it      reminds them of what they did as a child or what they think the characters of the         story will do.  (Adults are not to reveal what happens at the end of the story as the     child will not have read the complete book.)
  • The bi-weekly exchange will continue for approximately10-12 weeks.
  • Upon completion of the program, the students will have a “tea” or “luncheon” and invite the adult to come meet the pen pal.

 Please contact Margie West, Senior Volunteer Coordinator of Connections Volunteer Center, at 740-363-5000 or Joan Hatcher, Senior Citizens Center, Inc., at 740-369-5133 to register.  The pen pal program begins mid January so don’t delay.  We NEED your help!

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