Bloggers, Mark Your Calendar For October 15!

This message is for all you bloggers out there! October 15th is Blog Action Day! This is one day each year dedicated to blogging about a single global issue from the individuals perspective. This year, the issue is poverty. You can go to the Blog Action Day web site to learn more about this project and sign up to participate.

I would also like to issue a challenge to my fellow authors here on the Central Ohio Network to get involved and start to think about writing your own post about poverty from your individual perspective for Blog action day.

With so many people thinking and writing about this issue and many more reading it, I am sure it will spark many creative ideas world wide and maybe, just maybe, we can create the change we wish to see.

2 responses to “Bloggers, Mark Your Calendar For October 15!

  1. Mary, thanks for the info on that. I’ll check it out.

  2. Very cool, that is a cause I can get behind. I’ll definitely be blogging that day in support of raising awareness and ending poverty.

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